The Tragedy of a Split Heart

The tragedy of a split heart is one of great unpoetical scale. This said tragedy affects not only that heart which is split but also the dependencies of the split heart. As with everything else, the heart is the core behind so many things, not only figuratively positive, but also literally theoretically and undeniably so metaphorically, that when it is split the dependencies fail and never recover to the degree of perfection which was there before the splintery of the heart.

As such is the state of the Craftyn Minecraft Community. Back when we announced the server was going to be no more, the split not only went down the middle of the heart but it fractured into many pieces. This fracturing has never fully recovered even though several have made the attempt to revive it and meld the pieces back together.

Due to this failure, the Craftyn brand is now deemed dead with the seal on the grave being complete.

However, on the said grave there was left one last note for those visiting. This note was simple and direct:

Shadowfang, where the shadows are now life:

The future of this knowledge is in your hands, whatever you decide to do with is your choice.