These question are consistently being updated. 
  • When is the server online?

While we’re currently building our staff team, the server will only be online when a staff member is available to moderate. Please watch the Discord for more information daily about when the server will be up or down.

  • When will player shop plots be available?

We don’t have a set date, but gray is currently working towards it.

  • Who are the staff?

Currently the staff team consists of: Graywolf336, RarePear, and zman72. The staff selection process has been updated- written applications will be replaced with staff/community referrals for outstanding players.

  • How do I become staff?

Staff and the community (x number of players) will refer a candidate for the staff team by marking off a check list of criteria that the player meets and advocating/detailing why they selected this player. The rest of the team will evaluate the referral and player’s behavior (In a time frame) before making vote that’s majority rule- excluding the staff member who referred the player. If a member is referred by the community, the entirety of staff will vote. Player is then offered to train. This will be introduced within the next 30 days (April 15th, 2019).

  • Will there be donations?

Yes, there will eventually be donations for fly purchase after we’re able to increase our staff team to keep the server running 24/7 as donations aren’t infinite.

  • When can I join?

Our server is beginning Saturday, March 16th at 8:00 PM Central Time, but our server will be down if a staff member is not able to be present to maintain the server effectively.

  • How do I become a roamer?

Please read through the introduction book provided to you upon spawning. By agreeing to all the rules provided in the book- you’ll gain building permissions.

  • Is mob griefing enabled?

Nope, you can thank us later!

  • What exactly is no-man’s land?

No-man’s land is our free-for-all wilderness district located North of spawn. PvP, griefing, killing, and theft is legal and encouraged in no-man’s land only. We are considering adding the ability for towns created in this area to be able to purchase an (x amount of land) where PvP is disabled as a safe haven.

Anything NORTH of z = -150 (so negative z) will have forced pvp and is excluded from certain aspects of the rules since it will be considered no-man's land. This is for people who thrive on pvp and want to live a little unsafe. Anything south of z=0 (so positive z) will be regular
  • Will there be forums?

Yes, we will be creating forums but haven’t had the chance to get to them!

  • Will there be game arenas?

Yes! These are one of the things that are on our server to do list.

  • Will there be access to the previous worlds?

Yes, all three worlds will soon be placed. We currently have the flash world up in the Archive District.